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Updated: May 18

It all started when I was 6 years old and living in beautiful British Columbia where I was blessed to have a wonderful creek in my own backyard.

I took it upon myself to borrow a hook and a little bit of fishing line from a neighbor and with some creative ingenuity, made my very first fishing rod out of a stick. I dug a hole and sure enough struck gold with finding a worm and finally had bait! Soon I found myself fishing on a little dock with all my new found/made fishing gear and the excitement I felt when I actually caught my first fish cannot be expressed! THE THRILL of seeing that fish grab my line and the fight it brought - sheer exhilaration! To this day, I have no idea what I caught but it really didn't matter as I was HOOKED!

Day after day, I went back to that little dock in search of that THRILL.

Let's fast forward! I've fished all over British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and now predominantly in Manitoba. The only thing better than my first catch, is someone else's!

Nothing has warmed my heart more than witnessing my own children catching their first fish! But further to that, seeing anyone's eyes light up when they feel that tug, set the hook and encounter the fight.

I've been very blessed to be a part of a number of first time catches and it never gets boring. I'd love to be part of that experience with you! Come be a part of one of the greatest sports ever!

What is "Breezy Creek Adventures"? We're set in the heart of Petersfield, Manitoba, Canada on Wavey creek and commonly referred to as the "Hidden Gem" of the Interlake community.

Our unique water system includes: Walleye, Sauger, Perch, Pike, White Bass, Gold Eye, Cat Fish, Carp, Drum and Bull Head fish.

Location wise, we are on the south west corner of Netley Creek which feeds directly into the Red River via a beautiful winding wide creek. From our location we can cruise Netley Creek, Muckles, Medicine Creek or can even head up to Breezy Point and check out the Red River.

I started this business with the hopes of creating something safe that caters to all little ones out there.

Review: "What a perfect setting! Not on a huge lake or rushing river, but a beautiful, shallow yet wide creek! It brought tears to my eyes seeing our granddaughter catch her first fish! And at 4 years old!" Baba

Perhaps you're new to Manitoba and looking for some adventures... WELCOME! Come and give boat fishing a try or come onboard for a relaxing scenic cruise. Either way, you'll love it! What a great way to celebrate the day - in Manitoba's nature!


Tim Schellenberg

Breezy Creek Adventures


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