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How to find us!

Updated: Apr 16, 2021


We're located physically at:

#4 Murdoch Drive

Petersfield, Manitoba

R0C 0P0



Only 28 short minutes from the Winnipeg North Perimeter.

PLEASE NOTE: If you use Google Maps, it will give you a wrong turn on Murdoch!

  1. Follow #9 Hwy up towards Selkirk.

  2. South of Selkirk you'll see a sign that reads to take the Gimli Bypass which is slightly quicker.

  3. The Bypass to Gimli will take you around the west side of Selkirk.

  4. You will pass an intersection (Walmart - will be on your East/right right side).

  5. You will reach a second intersection (with lights) - turn west on #9.

  6. Go through Clandeboye (still on #9).

  7. Within five minutes you will come to Hall Road.

  8. On the south east corner is a large equipment building that reads "Honk if you're Happy!" - turn east (left) onto Hall Road.

  9. On Hall, you will cross a set of railway tracks and cross Boyd Road.

  10. Your next road will be Murdoch Drive, turn left (you can't turn any other way).

  11. Murdoch comes to a "T" junction! Turn left.

  12. Wahoo! We're #4!

Only 28 short minutes from Winnipeg!

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