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First Time Fishing - Adults

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

The same theory we set with the little ones, we also use for adults who have never fished before.

Milo and his first fish EVER!

We like to get new anglers HOOKED by setting their trip up for success. Once they feel that exhilarating tug on the line and catch their first few fish, they're more likely to last on a trip that maybe isn't as productive! Let's increase the odds of them wanting to go out again!

The first step is scheduling your trip to be exciting FOR THEM! This means we have to follow their lead. Take them on the boat, get them used to the movement, and govern ourselves to insure THEY have a fun time! That also means trying our utmost to insure they catch fish!

Our creek system contains: Walleye, Sauger, Pike, Perch, Drum, Gold Eye, White Bass, Cat Fish and the mighty Bull Head! Because Bull Head are predominantly a catch and release fish, they are readily abundant in our waters. Add to that, the Bull Head can be a very aggressive biting fish (easier to hook and land) as well as a real good fighter! This increases the odds exponentially of your new Angler catching their own VERY FIRST FISH!

What we recommend is to schedule the trip for success! We know areas that are heavy with Bullhead. We like to set up there and watch the new anglers smile as they land a big one!

We'll also help you set up your Master Angler account with Conservation so you can register their catch.

Don't forget the pictures to capture the moment! Feel free to bring your smart phones and take all the pictures you want.

We'll do everything in our power to set you up for some precious memories. We'll be more than happy to take our own photo's of you and yours, giving them to you free of charge!

So let's get them hooked!

Tim Schellenberg

Breezy Creek Adventures


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