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55 Plus!

Updated: Apr 14, 2022

My father-in-law has been a huge inspiration for me. Despite his health struggles, he continues to push forward and he really enjoys spending a day doing what he loves. Fishing!

I want to "give back" and cater to people in their "Golden Years" as you've spent a life time looking after others.

Here at Breezy Creek Adventures, we have a "you're never to old" slogan and look forward to seeing you.

Let's find the perfect adventure for you!

We can go on a private boat cruise, maybe do some fishing... Let's find out what you'd like!

55 Plus offer:

  • Private Boat Cruise

  • Fishing trip

  • Mobility or health issues? Give us a call and let's figure it out!

Tim Schellenberg

Breezy Creek Adventures


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